Sunday, October 16, 2011

Various Projects - Environmental Design 1 - Matrix 1st Semester

 Painting - 'My Self'

Geometrical Pattern - 'Surah Al Fatihah'

Pattern and Texture - 'The Rendezvous'

The Morphosis - 'The Purlieu'


  1. Salam! I would like to ask about ur Pattern and Texture - 'The Rendezvous' task...

    What material you used? Is it some sort of paper?
    How long did you take to finish the whole thing? Well, if you remember..


  2. salam..sori..tak perasan ade komen..
    material just mockup board..(model bod yg nipis)n ade sandwich bod jugak..

    pastu spray dgn spray putih..

    tak ingat brape hari..kalo tak silap ni satu2 nye projek yg aku strugle gile buat..smpi tak tdo..dlm 3hari tu ade tdo 4 jam je..

    last2 dpt gred b+ ..
    tak dpt a- sebab just main dgn texture je..tak main dgn shadow..

    ade member yg dpt a- ..die buat simple mmg lawa..texture die..n shadow die..mmg cun