Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Humanity Architecture : Proposed Disaster Relief Management Centre - DESIGN THESIS ( CRIT 4 ) - 5th Year 1st Semester


pre THESIS - this is my early thesis presentation during crit 4..quite down sbb kene bantai teruk time present..

introduction - my thesis is about to study on humanity architecture | to propose disaster relief management centre at subang..

basically the idea is to have a centre that manage disaster relief process..from recovery, rehab, prevention, and preparedness.


disaster - actually, the word 'disaster' itself is a really big word for thesis proposal..and it is a very good issue to think about.. org dlm dunia ade macam2 puak..bergadoh itu ini..politik la macam2..tapi when we talk about 'humanity', semua org akan kembali kepada fitrah yg sama..cth nye mangsa2 somalia atau palestin..sume org atau NGOs akan same2 mmbantu dorg walaupon hakikat nye NGO2 ni takde lah sekepala sgt dlm hal2 lain..
 the idea is to translate - how humanity can be applied into architecture?

i tried to brainstorm the word 'humanity', 'architecture' and macam2 lg lah..
so dpt lah this concept..( i have translated into diagrams supaya tak boring sgt)


tp kene komen n kene bantai teruk sebab dorg susah nak paham ape yg aku nak sampaikan kat concept nih..
this are the presentation boards..


do leave comments, supaya aku leh impruv kan lagi thesis nih..